Dhammarocksprings Buddhist Meditation Retreat Sanctuary is a branch of Wat Dhammabucha Buddhist Temple in San Antonio. The sanctuary, founded by the most Venerable Luang Por Samarn Saengsri, (pictured below) follows the Theravada Buddhist Thai Forest Tradition of Ajahn Mun.


Rocksprings is located on eighty-five quiet, wooded acres away from paved roads and cell phone signals, a perfect setting for meditation practice. The Buddha said, “Here are roots of trees, here are empty huts – practice jhana! (meditation). Do not be negligent! Do not regret it later!”

Following the forest monastery tradition in Thailand, meditators reside and practice individually in kutis (small 8’ x 8’ cabins) which are spaced around the hillsides. The experience of aloneness and detachment (usually only two or three people are in residence ), away from the hustle and bustle of the world, offers a rare opportunity to take meditation practice and spiritual development to new levels. 

The sanctuary is directed and maintained by two full-time resident anagarikas; Eddie & Janet Rock. Rocksprings supports visiting meditators by providing food, lodging and, when requested, meditation guidance based on the fundamentals of Theravada Buddhist spiritual practice as originally taught by the Buddha 2,500 years ago.

Rocksprings offers these timeless teachings of the Buddha in a safe place enabling you to develop your own stillness of mind and insight through solitude, reflection and following the Eightfold Path (including the Four Jhanas which are the eighth step of the Eightfold Path).

These practices in time culminate into samadhi/panna which are beyond practices. Samadhi is a natural state of a still mind that instills the courage and one-pointedness required to effortlessly see through our preconceived illusions and into the reality of things with panna (wisdom) as we make our way in life.

Together we explore the possibility that - although everything is perfect just as it is, our acceptance of this is clouded. Therefore, a steady, persistent training of the mind such as the teachings of the Buddha that have a very good track record of enlightened beings, is required to break through this delusion of the overbearing importance we place on ourselves and all around us.

We begin by the dynamics of how we relate to ourselves and each other, and how we constantly place limitations on ourselves and people around us through our stale concepts and ideals.

As we increasingly understand these limitations, that are more or less based on mind pictures/thought patterns in the form of conditioning and memories, and with the help of concentration and mindfulness practice, we free ourselves to experience life beyond our limited preconceived thought and into a more genuine vitality, mindfulness, investigation, joy, evenness in all situations, deep stillness of mind and wisdom. This is the way to genuine freedom.

Ordination: If you have aspirations to ordain as a Buddhist monk or nun, our temples in San Antonio TX, Pipe Creek TX,  Marble falls TX and Okeechobee Florida may have long term resident programs for those with the intent to ordain. You would have to contact these temples and talk with the monk in charge. Rocksprings does not have a long-term resident program. 

Length of stay: For non-members, or people who don't regularly attend Luang Por Samarn's temples, the maximum length of stay at Rocksprings is three days every six months or six days a year total.   

For those staying overnight, taking the Eight Precepts is a requirement. The Eight Precepts are the foundation of Buddhist training, providing for community stability and harmony, and are prerequisites to successful meditation practice.

Please make sure you read the "Visiting" and "Guidelines" tabs thoroughly for important information before planing your visit.


** A two week notice is required for non-sangha members before visiting Rocksprings.  Also, first time non-sangha visitors must "Register" by email before visiting and agree to terms.  (See the registration tab).   


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 Dhammabucha Rocksprings.
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